How much is your device worth?

Packaging your device(s)

If you choose to arrange your own delivery it is your responsibility to ensure that your device is packaged correctly and delivered to us safely.

Place the device in a small box (possibly the original box it came in) and place within a Jiffy bag
Wrap the device in padded material such as bubble wrap
Place a copy of your order number in your package (print out your confirmation email or simply write your order number on a piece of paper)
Simply place the phone unprotected into the bag (chances are, it will get damaged in transit which will result in a reduced amount being offered)
Place two or more devices loosely together (they will damage each other)
Place items such as chargers or batteries loose in the bag (again these will potentially damage the device)

Delivery address:

RPC Recycle Ltd,
Communications Centre,
33 King Street
Norfolk. NR1 1PD

IMPORTANT: Remember to include a print out of your order details / confirmation email. If you do not have access to a printer, please write down the order number, your name and a contact number and include it in your parcel.