How much is your device worth?

Frequently asked questions

Selling your device

Recycling your phones and tablets is really simple with RPC Recycle. Visit our How page for a step by step guide.

With over 25 years experience in the telecoms industry, RPC Recycle have been helping consumers recycle and sell their devices online since 2004. To date we have paid out over £20 million to happy customers all over the UK.

Over 90% of the devices we receive are refurbished or sold in graded condition back into both developed and developing countries worldwide.

Devices that are beyond repair are sent to recycling plants and auctions where they are broken down into valuable parts and metals that can be re-used.

We invest time and money into making sure our website stays secure for our users. Here at RPC Recycle we use SSL encryption on every page of the website to ensure all the information you give us (bank details, address, PayPal accounts) is secure.

After placing an order through the RPC Recycle website your order will be valid for 14 DAYS.

If we have received no response after 14 days we will assume you no longer wish to proceed with recycling your device(s) with us and the order will be closed automatically.

We will hold the price offered for your device at the time of order for 14 DAYS. Even if the price drops!

To help you remember we will send you periodic emails to remind you of your outstanding order and to send us your device(s). We send these emails as we want you to get the best price for you mobile or tablet, as over time the market price can drop (such as when a new model is released).

If we have received no response after 14 days we will assume you no longer wish to proceed with selling your device(s) and the order will be closed automatically.

To receive the full value of your order the device(s) you sell through must meet our full conditions:

  • The device(s) must turn on and off
  • The device(s) must be fully functionable and not PIN locked or passcode enabled.
  • The original battery for the device(s) must be included (if applicable).
  • The screen must be working and intact.
  • The device(s) must not be crushed, cracked or water damaged.

We DON’T believe in offering one set non-working price if your device does not meet our full working conditions (some companies reduce prices by up to 70% regardless of the fault/condition). We test each device carefully and give individual valuations based on the fault/condition of the device so we can give you the most money possible. To give you an indication the following guide describes how we revalue device(s) based on their condition.


Reduction Type of damage


  • Good cosmetic condition
  • Fully assembled
  • Fully operational e.g. makes & receives calls, Bluetooth, charges, camera, USB (PC connectivity) etc.
  • All keys work including side keys, volume keys, mute key etc.


  • Excessive wear & tear
  • Missing parts e.g. battery cover, stylus, battery etc.
  • Non UK product e.g. Asian spec/US spec etc.
  • Faulty/damaged flip or slide
  • Distorted speaker or mic (tinny sound)
  • Minor faults
  • Faulty camera/camera flash
  • Missing buttons
  • Deep scratches, drop damage, dents (not including touch screen)


  • Touch screen damage e.g. dents, deep scratches
  • Unauthorised engineering
  • Manufacturer warranty seal missing broken or damaged
  • Unauthorised software engineering e.g. jailbreak, rooting etc.
  • Non genuine parts
  • Major faults i.e. no signal, will not make a call etc.
  • Any non-removable personalisation of the handset or tablet (such as engraving)
  • Pin locked/security code enabled


  • Broken LCD/touch screen (digitizer) e.g. bleeding
  • Faulty LCD e.g. missing pixels, water marks, colouration issues


  • Water damage
  • iPhones & iPad liquid indicator discolouration
  • No power up


  • Stolen or barred from network (blacklisted) – will be quarantined for police evidence
  • Catastrophic damage (crushed)
  • Counterfeit handsets
  • iOS7 device(s) not deactivated from iCloud account (see website FAQs)

No. If the device has been blocked by the network for any reason, we are unfortunately unable to accept the device(s).

We work with Immobilise, a crime protection database that blocks stolen mobile phones and check received devices with CheckMEND to ensure that the phones sent to us are not reported stolen or blocked for any other reason. We do this prior to confirming purchase. However, in the event that we become aware of any issues at any time, we reserve the right to withhold/cancel payment and you agree to co-operate with us and any authorities should we so request.

RPC Recycle Ltd reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities if there is any suspicion of a deliberate attempt to perpetrate fraud.

Yes. This is simply done by logging into your account using your email address and password. You will then be able to view your orders.

To deliver good customer service we will also send you email updates so you know when your order has been received, delivered, accepted and paid.

If you haven't received an order confirmation or any other email correspondence from us, please check your junk or spam folder and add our address to your safe list:

Important information about your order will be sent by email so it is vital that you check your inbox regularly to keep up to date with the status of your order.

Alternatively, you can check your order status by logging into the website and clicking on 'My Orders'.

To change your account details you have to access your secure account page. Simply log in to your account using your email address and password. You will then be taken directly to your account management page were you can:

  1. View your previous and outstanding orders.
  2. Edit your personal account details.
  3. Change your password for security reasons.

If you have forgotten your password then click on the forgotten password link and we will send a temporary password to the email address you originally registered with.

Sending your device

Before sending your device(s) to us and to help speed up our processes, please do the following:
  • Remove the SIM card
  • Restore the phone to original factory settings (including the removal of all PIN codes and passcodes)
  • Backup your personal information
  • Wipe all data
  • Include the original battery
  • Deactivate your iCloud account if you are sending an iPhone or iPad (See our help guide on how to do this)

If you have requested one of our return packs there is no need to include a copy of your order confirmation as there will be a label included in the pack.

However if you are using your own packaging please DO include a printout of your order confirmation or write your order number on the packaging.

iOS is the operating system for all Apple phones and tablets. Devices which have iOS7 or later installed include new security features to protect you in the event that your phone is lost or stolen, effectively using your iCloud ID as an additional lock. If your iCloud account remains active your device(s) is worthless and will be revalued to £0 as per our terms and conditions.

If you are using iOS7 or later on an Apple device(s) you must remove the device(s) from your iCloud account before sending it to us.

Follow our help guide for step by step instructions.

When you place an order through the RPC Recycle website you will have the option to request a delivery pack to return your devices or a Freepost delivery pack. These will be delivered within 2-3 days of you placing your order. Simply follow the instruction guide that comes with the pack and send your devices back to us.

If you don’t want to wait 2-3 days for one of our delivery packs to arrive you can opt to use your own packaging and post the device(s) yourself, which will be faster.

Simply follow our Special Delivery and packaging your device(s) guides, print of your order confirmation form and send via Special Delivery to the following address:

RPC Recycle Ltd
Communications Centre
33 King Street

Whether you request a delivery pack or decide to send your device(s) to us using your own packaging we strongly recommend using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service. This is because it is a tracked service and provides insurance up to £500. It costs on average between £5 and £7 to send your devices to us using this service but is well worth it for peace of mind.

Here at RPC Recycle we do offer a FREEPOST recycling pack that you can use to send your device(s) to. Once you receive the pack all you need to do is simply place the mobile phones into the padded envelope, stick the label on the front and simply post it back to us.

Important note: Freepost is NOT a guaranteed service, and we recommend you obtain a proof of postage receipt in the event of your phone going missing. You will then be able to try and lodge a claim with Royal Mail for up to £39. We cannot be held responsible for handsets that do not get delivered via the FREEPOST return service.

For peace of mind, we encourage you to send your device(s) via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm™especially if your order includes mid to high value handsets.

Don't worry! Once we receive your device(s) one of our first processes is to wipe clean any data that was previously stored. This is to ensure that, if re-used, there is no personal data left on the device for other people to access.

My Payments

Once your handset has been checked against our terms and conditions and a price has been agreed payment times will depend on the payment option selected during the ordering process.

If you chose to be paid via PayPal then the amount will be paid into your PayPal account using the email address you entered on the confirmation page the same day.

If you chose to be paid by BACS then your payment transaction will be made to your bank the same day.

Should you decide not to accept the value offered for your device(s) or if you wish to cancel your order once we have received your device(s) they will be returned free of charge. Please view our terms and conditions for further information.

Once received If your device does not meet our full working order terms and conditions we will offer you an alternate price via email. You have 3 days to accept or decline the new price after which time if you have not responded the payment will be automatically processed.